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Thank you for visiting my Web site!


If you arrived at this page, you are probably looking for professional help. Perhaps, you are here for an advice.


Here is a word of introduction: 

 I am a Board Certified psychiatrist with training at Harvard and UCLA. My area of expertise is in the field of mood disorders including anxiety, depression, and bipolar illnesses. I am also specializing in dual diagnosis, drugs and alcohol abuse.


My clinical approach is a blend of psychotherapy, holistic medicine and, when needed, a medication management. I am a strong proponent of heathy life choices. 


I strongly believe that the successful psychiatric care is only possible when both, the patient and the doctor, are equally involved and have "a full say in the matter." I always welcome family participation as an important integral part of any therapeutic process.


My office has strong working relationships with the Residential Treatment Program Casa Palmera located in Del Mar, California. This partnership allows me to access most of needed care modalities normally unavailable for a private physician.


I am a founding member of the none profit organization International Center for Behavioral Health, which has its goal in providing professional mental health services to underserved communities in San Diego area and beyond. This is my way of giving back.


I accept all insurance plans with the exception of the government and state programs.


If you need my help and advise please call. Any time.


Very truly yours,


Dr. Sivtsov




3252 Holiday Court, Suite 108

 La Jolla, California 92037